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Muriel Schrikkema – Mrs. Feedforward

As a believer that we are all capable of achieving so much more by better application of our talents, Muriel lives by the philosophy that an open and action orientated dialogue is intrinsic for high performance as an individual, team and organization. She is an skilled feedforward coach, trainer and program director in high performance leadership and change programs.

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Marco Schreurs – Mr. HPO Insight™

For Marco, nothing beats transforming the performance of organizations. Blending the power of proven insight with inspirational examples. Marco is an HPO expert and works with organizations who want to push their financial and strategic performance. Marco is responsible for the HPO Insight™ improvement tool and the feedforward analysis™.

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Esther Mollema – Mrs. Mindbugs

Esther Mollema believes that the strength of organizations lies in our individual differences. She is a thought leader and author on how to bring about diversity for better business results and profit levels. As a sought-after speaker, Esther has traveled the world sharing her insights on business, High Performance Organizations (HPO), diversity and inclusion.

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Programs on all levels


Direction developed various tests that have been proven scientifically and in practice:

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Tailor-made programs

Tailor-made programs means, according to Direction, that your requirements and organization are core issues. Developing a tailor-made programs is a process that we will work on together with you and your organization. We develop many Management Development sessions which include the topic of High Performance Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion or feedforward.

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About Muriel Schrikkema

Muriel SchrikkemaMuriel Schrikkema is a partner and Program Director at Direction. She develops programs for organizations around High Performance Leadership, Team Development, Performance Management and Equal Opportunity (diversity & inclusion). Muriel Schrikkema also provides individual coaching, team coaching and intervision. In 2015 Muriel Schrikkema developed the feedforward analyses™, a 360-feedback tool widely used by many profit and non-profit organizations.

Muriel Schrikkema: “I have been getting a lot of energy from activities focused on ‘learning and development’ of people for more than twelve years now. Through Direction I design and facilitate many learning and development projects within organizations.

I started my career in the care sector where I was able to gain practical experience in the ‘soft’ side of work. I then started to explore the ‘tougher’ side in business. Within both the training industry and the automotive industry I have developed and facilitated learning programs, both nationally and internationally, within a dynamic goal-oriented and political force field. I have been exploring my entrepreneurial side since 1999 by creating Directions together with Marco Schreurs and Esther Mollema. Since then this is where I focus on leadership and Team Development.

I am a qualified psychologist and have completed several certificate courses, such as NLP Practitioner, Personal Coach, Management Drives ®, Real Drives trainer ®, and trainer and supervisor in Systemic work. In addition I am the founder of the Direction Foundation ‘Finding Your Voice’. I have gained much relevant experience in the business sector, including measuring and guiding specific behaviors and cultures within organizations. The combination of my background, training and experiences ensure that I enjoy become the sparring partner of key decision makers in business and in government institutions.”

Topics involving Muriel Schrikkema:Muriel Schrikkema - Leadership Expert

Personal leadership: questions about personal development.
What are my personality traits that can get me further but also get in my way? How should I handle these? The desire to work on competencies such as: coaching leadership style, talent-and team development, flexibility and ability to change, are often the instigators of discussions. How do you create an organization in which an open discussion culture and being able to give as well as receive feedback play a central role?

Career Essentials: questions about career, positioning and finding a balance
How can I shape my career and position myself more effectively, so that my talents are put to better use? What do I want? What suits me? How do I make my input at work more visible? Where is my balance between work and private life? What are my personal qualities, blind spots and pitfalls? Together, we look for the optimal match between your ambitions and the ambitions of your Organization.

Team Development and Organizational Development: Questions about diversity, communication, and collaboration for example.
How should you manage a diverse and / or cohesive team? What degree of flexibility is best? How do you tune individual ambitions and drives to organizational objectives? Issues of engagement, involvement, communication, performance improvement and cooperation are the core issues here. How can you make this negotiable and concrete? Mobilize underlying thought patterns, create openness and facilitate cooperation. The aim for the team or organization as a whole is to become more efficient, more effective and to be more decisive.

feedforward analysis™

To make sure that people who get feedback do not shut off but open up instead, we use the feedforward analyse™ to Direction's Feed Forward Analysefocus in on their qualities. Muriel Schrikkema looks with you when you are at your best and can offer the greatest level of added value to your Organization. Emphasis is on positive qualities; on both those that you have already developed as well as on those that you can develop further. Not only will you get more insight into your own qualities that are already visible to your colleagues, fellow managers, management, etc. but you will also get insights into what you see as your strongest qualities yourself and whether there any differences between what your feedback group thinks. We will explore an even stronger resolve and applications for this.

If you have any questions, interest or comments, please contact Muriel Schrikkema.